This non-pressure flow center is popular and low maintenance. However, here the pumps failed and the contractor added 2 new ones on top. Unbelievable!!! Not only do the new pumps have to suck through the old ones, but the water level is below the volute of the new pumps, inevitably making them suck air. We know what happens if we get air in our own arteries. Most circulator pumps require positive pressure at the inlet. I guess this guy thinks his are an exception…

This system wasn’t working at all so the installer decided to add more pumps. Human nature says if we can’t make it work, add more! Instead of re-thinking it, he doubled up. To top it off, he used UP26-116 pumps, which are the lowest efficient pumps, times 4, made by Grundfos (the GeoGuy loves Grundfos except this one). 2 different model pumps would have used 1/3 of the energy. Not to mention the wasted money on 2 sets of flush valves.

This is for a 3 heat pump job in N. Carolina. The contractor insisted he’s done this many times before and it works. He lied. What’s wrong in this pic? He reduced the pipe size from 2″ prematurely. Oops!! The water velocity will be too high at the first tees. Where are the check valves? Must have forgotten them. Oops. Why are the flow centers sideways? (there’s a 3rd one on another wall). How can he purge this?. He can’t. Oops!! And then, does he know about multi pump strategies? The flow will change with every unit coming on line. Oops again!


This tiny pond has supported a 2000sq ft 10 ton greenhouse system for 10 years and still going strong. More loops are going on the terraces in this pic. Easy when there’s no water in it.

This pond loop won’t last 2 years. Originally the contractor was not going to space the pipes in the rolls. After some arguments, he agreed and this is what we got! Priceless.