GeoWorks now does service and maintenance for your geo system in the Vancouver BC area.

Having been involved in the startup of multiple geo installations firms, as well as design and consulting, I believed in building bullet proof geo systems that rarely if ever required service. However…things do fail. A circ pump may seize up causing lack of flow. A run capacitor fails causing the compressor to struggle and ultimately fail, the tiniest leak may eventually cause a pressure loss and air in the loops. And the classic, clogged air filters.

These are rare events but an annual inspection is worth minimizing the risk.

Therefore, GeoWorks now offers annual maintenance which tests the following:

  • All pumps are free turning and operational
  • All heat pump parameters are measured and recorded on site
  • Ground loop temps in/out
  • Load loop temps in/out
  • Air temps supply/return
  • Loop pressures and HP flowrate
  • Run capacitor value, in uF
  • Compressor amps
  • Total geo electrical load to confirm your geo system running costs
  • Testing of the control circuits and how often the backup heat runs
  • And whatever other parameters are relevant, whether it’s an open or closed loop or hybrid system

A typical service inspection covering all the above is $300. If filters or other parts are needed you will be notified in advance.
Looking forward to making your geo system perform!

Some geo systems have failed completely. In the early growth spurt of geo, many related industry contractors got involved, mostly with very little geo experience. They were often the low bid and it shows. Geoworks can assess and maintain or upgrade your geo system with experience, expertise, new methods and with an eye to keeping your costs under control. Referrals are the geo guys best friend.

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